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It is true that at Petit Boutik we have a soft spot for special women’s dresses! Comfortable and always elegant dresses, easily create a complete look without thinking for further combinations. That is why they are the most necessary and interesting pieces, adding to every woman’s closet, during winter and summer! Long dresses, ruffle dresses, airy dresses, A-line dresses, velvet dresses, asymmetric dresses, printed dresses, versatile dresses or open-back dresses? The choice is yours!

Whatever the occasion, we are sure that you will discover the ideal dress from our great variety that we have in maxi, mini and midi dresses. Casual dresses keep you company in style from the morning at work or college, while impressive dresses take over for evening or formal appearances.

What is your choice between printed dresses and monochromatic dresses? All-time classic grey, blue or black dresses are certainly a favourite, but nothing compares to the happy and completely stylish touch of floral, striped, polka-dotted or plaid dresses.

If romantic style has a special place in your heart, then you will surely adore the Petit Boutik dresses with bows. These romantic dresses are included in every collection of ours making an impression.

And don’t forget that the line of the dresses that we design and produce, are always destined for every body type. This is the main reason why most of the Petit Boutik dresses can be worn as pregnancy dresses, too. Our unique dresses hug every body type and offer comfort and refined style. After all, when we feel well in the clothes that we wear, we highlight our best self and we shine!

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Showing 1 - 12 of 140 items


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